December 20, 2016
14 Affordable Ways to Market Your Business Online

14 Affordable Ways to Market Your Business Online


No matter how great your products or services are, you need to put them out there to raise awareness and to increase your presence. The most common challenge we hear from small business owners when it comes to reaching their prospects is that they do not have enough budget to hire a full-time consultant or marketing expert.


Do not fear; the internet can save you! The digital world has levelled the playing field significantly in regards to marketing and what used to be available only to big brands with big budgets is now within the reach of even the smallest businesses. If you are a start-up or a small business operating on a shoestring, this infographic is for you. We have picked Marketing Land’s 14 best marketing techniques businesses with small budgets can use.

Are there any other low-cost strategies that you use to raise awareness of your business and products online that you want to share? Do let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter and Facebook.


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