December 3, 2016
Google Local Guide Dubai

Caliber's Joy Caasi Promotes Google Local Guides


Towards the end of October, our very own Joy Caasi took part in Dubai’s first ever Local Guides Instameet. The event aimed to bring together influential instagrammers from across the city to raise awareness of the Google Local guides service (and capture some incredible photography in the process). The #LocalGuidesDubai Instameet was able to blend two thriving Dubai groups (Instagrammers and Google Local Guides) to further develop the quality of information that Google Maps has in Dubai.


Joy Caasi Local Guide


You’re probably familiar with Instagram, but you may not have heard of Local Guides. Google Local Guides is a new platform that allows locals to influence their city’s Google Maps information. Local guides are encouraged to share photos of popular locations and write reviews to help build a more complete view their communities. In the end, this information benefits all google users by ensuring they can find the most up to date details about a location.


The event was moderated by our own Joy Caasi in partnership with Google Business Group Manager Salman Saeed and a leading local guide Carl Hewlett. Instagram’s official channel in Dubai also participated, working with Google and the community to showcase the city and share information about the Local Guides program.



Hewlett focused much of his time discussing how local Instagrammers can leverage their photos to become part of the Google Maps application. The process is simple and only requires the user to create a Google account making it an attractive way for aspiring photographers to share their work.


For Joy the goals were a bit more ambitious. As a google street view trusted photographer Ms. Caasi is focused on improving Dubai’s ranking on the global popularity list. Currently Dubai sits outside of the top ten active cities but she hopes that by continuing to activate local guides Dubai’s rank with increase quickly.


Google Local Guides

Photo Credit: Dimitri Yevdokymov (@dimitridxb)


The event took place around Old Dubai starting from the Spice and Gold Souks before finally reaching the heritage neighborhood of Al Bastakiya across the Creek.


Interested in learning more about Local Guides or Street View Trusted? Reach out to us in our ‘contact us’ section or give us a call. Joy is always happy to talk about how you can leverage these services to grow your business in Dubai!

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