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What is Google Street View Trusted?

Google Street View Trusted is a state-of-the-art 3D interactive walkthrough tour for business interiors that utilises Google’s Street View technology. Proudly display your business, while inviting potential customers to walk around, explore and interact with your working space like never before. Google Street View Trusted also allows your regular customers to gain an insight into your business, helping them engage with your brand virtually, from anywhere in the world.


Influence Engagement

Getting your customers to engage with your business is vital for generating initial investment in your service or product. If they trust your brand, then they will trust your service. Boost this engagement by simply showcasing the ambience, design, character, décor and the qualities that are unique to your business.

Influence Customer Decisions

Humans are extremely visual, and in the virtual world businesses rely on graphic design and quality content to appeal to their customers. Adding value with a visual representation of how you work, and where, engenders a sense of transparency and confidence in your business.

Increased Sales

Incorporating a solid visual display of where you work is can greatly impact your sales. Virtual tours achieve over 5 million visits a day, and sites with an embedded tour can receive up to 40% more views than competitors who lack interactive media. A staggering 82% of people surveyed stated that being able to visit a business site virtually would be a deciding factor in their custom.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

It is hard to make your business stand out from its competitors, but with Google Street View Trusted, you can show that your finger is on the pulse of brand new technologies. Demonstrate to your customers that your business is able to adapt and innovate with current trends, and move with the digital revolution.


Why Caliber?

Caliber has teamed up with one of the best Google-approved photographers. Our professional photographer has created a catalogue of images through quality-controlled photoshoots that have gone on to receive millions of views online at locations across the globe.

Caliber is an organic marketing agency with expertise in boosting conversions by enhancing your SEO strategy. We can leverage the benefits of Google Business View Trusted, alongside other tools, to organically optimise your local listing so that you can reach your customers even more quickly and effectively.

Dan Root - 360 Photographer

Up until May 2012, Dan Root was a hobbyist photographer, fitting his passion for photography around his day job. Being interested in this brand new form of image capture – 360° photography – Dan built up his portfolio by travelling the world and capturing panoramas where he could showcase this technology. He also captured the attention of international business behemoth, Google, who wanted Dan to help them extend their Street View project by photographing businesses within his home town of Manchester.

A few days later Dan was undertaking Google’s training and already drumming up support from local businesses on the high street, who were hoping to be at the forefront of organisations bringing Google Maps inside their premises.

dan rootFast forward a year and Dan had started to build relationships with regional and national brands. He is already discussing photographic rollout with household names such as Tesco and Center Parcs. Today Dan is a multi-award-winning photographer who has published over 400 businesses to Google Maps in 9 countries. This is a feat unmatched by any other Street View Trusted Photographer worldwide.

Case Studies

Leekes (UK)
Is an independent, family-owned home furniture store. In an effort to draw attention to their new store in Coventry, and their brand as a whole, Leekes opted for Street View Trusted.

Top Result:
Street View Trusted has helped boost foot traffic to the store by 20% year on year since 2014.


NYC & Company (US)
Is a New York City official tourism and marketing organization. NYC Restaurant Week™— had 294 participating restaurants offer promotional fixed menus to attract new customers, and 55% of all participating restaurants used Street View Trusted.

Top Result:
Restaurant listings that included Street View Trusted had a 30% higher click-through to reservations.

Just Food For Dogs (US)
Produces healthy food for dogs in a human-grade kitchen. JFFD chose to use Google Street View Trusted to draw potential customers from across the US into its open kitchen in Newport Beach, California.


Top Result:
JFFD experienced a 50% increase in the click-through rate from the search results to its website.

“We can’t see anything else that provides more value than a customer interacting for 30 seconds with Google Street View Trusted. It conveys everything we would want to communicate about the value of our company.”

Rudy Poe, Managing Partner at JFFD

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is a low-cost virtual reality platform for use on a mobile phone. With this app and viewer, you can immerse yourself in the virtual tour that Street View Trusted creates. Simply download the Google Cardboard app, and purchase the lightweight cardboard viewer, which works as a binocular mount for your phone. Place your phone in the viewer, and voila! You will be introduced to an enriching virtual reality experience, where you will be able to explore tours of premises all over the world at the touch of a button.


How much does it cost?

The cost of a quality-controlled photoshoot by a Google approved photographer for your business varies on a number of factors such as size, location, and what service package you select. We have 3 service packages to choose from, based on your individual requirements. For more information, please provide us your contact information so we can provide further details.


Are there any running costs?

Your tour is hosted on Google servers at no running cost. There are no annual fees, and your tour remains online at your discretion.

How long does it take?

A Street View Trusted photoshoot can take as little as 45 minutes. However, larger venues require additional time, and multi-floor sites may require some advance planning. Once the photoshoot is complete, the images are processed and sent to Google for quality assurance.  Within a few days, your virtual tour will be live and ready to embed on your website.

Experience Google Street View Trusted

Take a tour inside our London office.
This example is what you can expect to see on you own website featuring you own business environment.

  • CenterParcs
  • Caliber
  • Jumeirah
  • James Martin

Betta Living Store in Stockport

Sub Tropical Swimming Paradise at CenterParcs

Caliber Interactive, London Office

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray in Dubai

James Martin at Manchester235

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