December 10, 2016

SEO NO NO's – What Not To Do


A lot of companies focus on winning the confidence of the client rather than communicating SEO best practices. Often clients make demands that the agency agrees to even though they are incapable of delivering. Here are some disastrous habits of SEO agencies which are a big NO NO is the SEO world!

I can do it! …. Oh wait, no I can’t.

Unrealistic goals can lead to disappointment and can often derail an SEO campaign before it has had a fair shake. It is human nature to set unrealistic goals and be over enthusiastic about things, but this is a major problem for companies that want to rank higher in a short span.


Setting the right goals and realistic time frames is important to accurately measure growth and make the appropriate adjustments. Agencies should enlighten their clients about what can be done within a certain timeframe and provide real life examples on how long good SEO takes.


Poor strategy can be very dangerous for SEO. Apart from setting unrealistic goals and time constraints, having inadequate budget can also be a major setback. Budget plays an important role in every SEO campaign as it will define scope and help set campaign giving a clear direction to your SEO.

Blah. Blah. Oops.

Often companies tend to forget about their competitors and focus on what they think is right. Consider your competitors, study them, and understand if they comply with best practices.


Take the time to learn from their mistakes and avoid those hurdles. Google keyword planner is a great tool to use to pick relevant keywords and understand their potential. Try to use real data as often as possible to understand what works for you and what doesn’t.

Maybe You See It, Maybe You Don’t…

One of the most spoken of, and common mistake of On Page SEO is ‘Keyword stuffing’.  Keyword stuffing is the art or the lack of thereof by using a keyword over and over again in your content with the intention of getting better ranking. Don’t throw in keywords blindly. DON’T DO IT! It not only makes you look unprofessional but can also impact your traffic.


Another high risk problem is website loading speed or slow site speed which can affect the conversion rate adversely. Decreasing the loading speed will affect your conversion rate positively.

If you already face these issues, you might want to restructure your website and plan your on page SEO in the construction stage of your website.


Irrelevant back-linking is also a grave sin. It’s one of the biggest and the most overlooked off page SEO errors. Google punishes websites with irrelevant back links simply by deleting the websites that have been practicing it. A very good reason to avoid it.

Website Design and Structure – You Get F minus

Ever been to a restaurant that looks pretty on the outside but when you order the food, you realize that you paid for overpriced street food that doesn’t even taste as good.


Your website may be the same, pretty on the outside, crappy on the inside. According to a study, about 78% of the web pages out there are lacking image alt and title attribute. These two are very important because image alt allows google to display your images in their search result and title attributes guide google search to the right website.


Imagine getting lost in a thick forest and you have no other way to find your way back than the tiny breadcrumbs that you left along the way. That’s exactly how breadcrumbs work for Google. They direct Google crawlers towards your website. Be sure to structure your website in a way that’s not only user friendly, but also crawler friendly.

Get A Lab Coat!

Not experimenting with new techniques and latest updates can cause a serious case of Nokia. If you did not get that reference then you probably aren’t keeping up with the world.


Change is constant in the digital industry and Google keeps coming up with regular updates that you, as an SEO agency, should keep up with. Google is the Kardashian of the digital world… try keeping up with it!

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