Data, Analytics & Insight

Insight is the starting point for everything we do. We combine data on your marketplace, audiences and objectives to give you concise, actionable insight.

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Competitor analysis

We provide you with in-depth competitor analysis and benchmarking. Use detailed comparisons to better align your objectives and business goals.

Audience intelligence

Deep understanding of your customers’ pain points, personas, and affinities, designed to drive your marketing campaigns.


Get detailed revenue, traffic and ROI forecasting for all your digital marketing channels to ensure your business is prepared for future growth.

KPI & Reporting framework

We provide customized consultation and support in report design and delivery to aide you in your SEO, Social and content marketing efforts.

Customer Journey Analysis

Understand your customers’ path to purchase across channels and devices before you invest.

Conversion optimisation

Purchase path analysis, test planning and design enhancements to increase ROI from your marketing spend.

Content audit

Our insight team will assess the quality of your content and give customized recommendations of how to improve engaging your target audience at each stage of the customer journey.
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