Our Team

Team Caliber is an experienced bunch of geeks, suits and creatives that take the upmost pride in our work. Our name was chosen because of our commitment to finding the best, high caliber talent. We're always looking for great talent but here are our latest job vacancies.

  • 1-jonny
    Jonny Scott


    Lover not a fighter. Dancer. Big heart and a big appetite for smart work, hard work, and doing the right thing. Engineer. Coder. Maths geek. Last man standing, first man rising.

  • 2-fran
    Francesca Kosina

    Commercial Director

    "I have nothing to declare but my genius." - Oscar Wilde

  • 3-lee
    Lee Stuart

    Director of Insight

    Lee is a co-founder of Caliber, a self-confessed data junkie, ‘Mr Caliber’ to our clients and lovingly just the ‘gaffer’ to our teams.

  • 9-martin
    Martin Steger

    Regional Director MENA

    Martin isn’t really restricted to digital marketing; he was a successful Lego builder at the age of 10. Strongly believes in simplicity and minimalism

  • 40-joy-c
    Joy Caasi

    Digital Marketing Executive

    Spends half of her day stalking brands and growing social networks online. Truly Asian and a daydreamer among all other things.

  • 26-jeff
    Jeff Barfield

    Digital Marketing Executive

    Even the best ideas will stay ideas if you can’t sell them. That’s what moved this engineer from a lab in Toronto to the offices of Caliber Dubai.”

  • 5-simon
    Simon Bennison

    Head of Strategy

    Former designer of footwear, eyewear and toys. Current designer of measurable creative strategies.

  • 6-jonathan
    Nick Barrat

    Head of Insight

    Likes actionable insights, Analytics and Excel.  Dislikes meaningless metrics, fluff and single click attribution models.

  • 14-kate
    Kate Hipperson

    Project Manager

    Process ninja trained in the art of order and harmony. Lover of all things rock climbing and outdoors

  • 27-adam
    Adam Wilson

    Content Strategist

    Copywriter. SEO. Strategist. Drummer. Baker. Runner. Data. Led. Content. Coffee. Bacon. Coffee. Reddit. YouTube. Don’t be boring.  

  • 7-sabrina
    Sabrina Hackenbracht

    Account Manager

    Account Genie, rapidly developing an inner geek in the world of digital. Freshly addicted runner and TV series fan

  • 34-rafaella
    Raffaella Fidanzo

    SEO Executive

    An Italian in love with Edinburgh. A mum of two in the constant search of the balance between work and family! Originally a Fund Manager in Milan, an aved traveller for business, pleasure and now exploring the SEO and Social Marketing world

  • 15-kristin
    Kristin Stancikas

    Senior Account Manager

    Passionate veggie & lover of the sun. From couch to 10k. Well-organised can-doer. Loves to travel & learning languages. Baklava addicted.

  • 16-shane
    Shane Jones

    Senior Developer

    Eat. Sleep. Code. Repeat...

  • 8-charlotte
    Charlotte Evans

    Head of Editorial

    Editor extraordinaire with a passion for words, books and tea, Charlotte sees content as a driving force in search.

  • 23-lyndsay
    Lyndsay Snoddon

    Content Strategy Executive

    Writer, blogger and clogger of your Facebook feed… Lover of all things digital with a passion for creative and mind-boggling content.

  • 41-pete
    Peter Jenkins


    Content strategist and 5’ 6” of pure cheerfulness. Stays active with judo, gym and swimming. Stays alive with dancing. Oh and he loves chocolate!

  • 28-jonathan
    Jonathan Swain


    Internetaholic. Incurable football fanatic. Hibee. Beer expert. Budding food blogger. Music aficionado. Friend of the animals.

  • 12-jose
    Jose Capelo

    Account Manager

    Jose is a web enthusiast and loves all things digital. He holds an MSC in Marketing and is passionate about red wine and football.

  • 33-ali-p
    Alasdair Peoples

    Junior Content Editor

    The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shockproof, shit detector” – Ernest Hemingway

  • 39-lel
    Lel Palfrey

    Senior Designer

    Pixel pusher and vinyl junkie, other habits include sound recording and rotary mixers.

  • 29-anna
    Anna Michna

    SEO Executive

    DIY addict, digital marketing enthusiast, and above all, an adventurer; plans nothing, and simply let things fall into place. Awesome and modest since 1985

  • 35-steven
    Steven McSorley

    Front End Developer

    Maker of music, art, food and code

  • 20-egle
    Egle Adomynaite

    Junior SEO Account Manager

    Cheerful, funny peoples person. Food, coffee and fashion addict. Loves social media, blogs and fabulous things!  Always in a search of something extraordinary.’

  • 24-cristiana
    Cristiane Rowley

    SEO Executive

    Here it is – “You wanna make an omelet, you gotta break some eggs. (Tyler Durden, Fight Club)”

  • 25-chrystelle
    Chrystelle Garcia

    SEO Executive

    Sun worshipper and food enthusiast. Believes that every day presents an opportunity to learn something new... Smiling keeps her young

  • 36-bradley
    Bradley McLaughlin

    Graduate Digital Designer

    Young Designer with a fiery ambition for creativity and knowledge

  • 21-arman
    Arman Arojan

    Back End Developer

    Petrolhead, photographer, music lover,  well and also a programming wizard. "Don't live to code. Code to live!"

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