December 23, 2016
photo of Google Street View speaker

Using Virtual Tours To Improve Local Search


This spring our Regional Director MENA, Martin Steger, was given the opportunity to share his knowledge and expertise about Google Street View Trusted virtual tours as well as 360 degree videos at the Arabian Travel Market 2016 in Dubai.

In his well-attended talk about 360° Storytelling he explained how brands – large and small – can utilize immersive content to sell both destinations and travel experiences. Following this talk, Martin discussed the latest trends and best practices in virtual reality alongside Ali Hashmi from Google and Stewart Smith from Sojern.


In the lively panel discussion it became evident that virtual reality content is gaining prominence across the travel industry and is starting to play a role in consumer decisions. Often only requiring a small investment, this new digital marketing tool gives brands the exciting opportunity to set themselves apart from competitors and highlight (in stunning detail) their unique selling points.


photo of VR accessed using Google Cardboard


Brands wanting to take advantage of this exciting technology have to consider the following four key factors:


  1. 1) Like with any other content, virtual reality content has to be compelling. Try to create a story which excites the audience and supports the brand’s objective.
  2. 2) Virtual reality allows the audience to look around, so it’s important to ensure the story unfolds slowly. This avoids feeling overwhelmed and enables users to fully appreciate the virtual reality content. 
  3. 3) VR gives your brand the unique chance to fully immerse users in an experience. Don’t be afraid to speak directly to your audience and guide them through the content. If done properly you can create truly unforgettable experiences.
  4. 4) Last but not least ensure high production quality. Virtual reality that is done well will leave your audience in awe but cutting corners will ruin that experience. Ensure your photographers and cinematographers are using high quality equipment and take the time to get it right.


Want to learn more about VR and find out what it can do for your brand? Do you have a virtual reality or digital marketing event coming up and need speakers? Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to support you!

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